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GGP AR MKII Billet AR-15 Receiver Set™

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The new MKII version of the GGP-P Series brings a new level of customizability never before seen in our rifle receivers. Not only can you build your own version of the Heavy or Light rifle, but you can use your favorite aftermarket parts to complete the weapon of your dreams. GGP Billet Receivers are precisely machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum for a perfect fit. The lower receiver includes our ambidextrous bolt release as a standard feature, as well as a flared magwell and integral trigger guard. Start your build off right.


  • Upper and Lower AR-15 Receivers machined from a 7075-T6 Aluminum Billet
  • Ambidextrous Bolt Release integrated into lower receiver (parts included)
  • True Black Type III Class 2 Hard Coat Anodize
  • Tighter than Mil-Spec tolerance, with critical tooling dimensions are held to within + /- .001"
  • M4 Feedramps
  • Features a nylon tipped tensioning screw to ensure the solid fit between upper and lower maintains for years to come
  • Functions with nearly all available AR-15 parts
  • Flared mag well
  • Pictogram safe and fire indicators
  • Multi Cal Marking
  • Due to tightened tolerances of upper receiver, barrels may require thermal fitment. We recommend taking to a qualified gunsmith.

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Due to the change in laws we are no longer able to ship receivers to CT, DC, MA, or MD


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Reviews (4)


Written by Joshua Ott on Nov 23rd 2019



Written by Manuel Almeida on Aug 27th 2019

After lots of time researching all the various AR-15 companies, I decided on Grey Ghost Precision MKII Billet set for my first build. I was first drawn to the company by their amazing custom Glock work and realized they have beautiful AR receiver sets. I'm a finish carpenter by trade and pay great attention to detail. The detail on this billet set is top notch. I love how the lines flow between the upper and lower. The mill work and tolerances are perfect. Very tight fitting upper to lower and with a great finish. Built in ambi bolt release and threaded pins to capture springs. I built the upper out w/a Lantac BCG, Radian charging handle, 16" B.A.D. Ultramatch lightrigid/fluted/two tone barrel(223 wylde), B.A.D. titanium gas block w/ stainless gas tube, VGG Epsilon muzzle w/cage, and a V-Seven 2099 enlightened m-lok handgaurd. I built the lower out with B.A.D. titanium takedown pins, V-Seven titanium safety selector, V-Seven titanium end plate/castle nut, 2A mag release, Forward Controls bolt catch and ambi mag release, V-Seven heavy buffer tube, Fab Defense gl-core stock and JP Silent captured spring, and Geissele SSA trigger. All parts fit and functioned flawlessly with the receiver. I shot 300 rounds on my first range day and experienced zero malfunctions. Let me tell you, "this rifle is a tac driver"!! It shot so flat with such minimal recoil I was astonished. Really happy with the product and the company's customer service. Even got to speak with the V.P. Jason Curns. Very personable and passionate guy running a great company. I can't wait to build my GGP AR10!

start your build with the best!

Written by Scott dunham on Jan 17th 2019

Built a few forged lowers have ya? Same here. I wanted to try going billet on my last build, did some shopping around and my mate told me to try a GGP. I heard of their forged cornerstone but these billets where new to me. I'll be damned if they don't remind me of the old Mega sets. I snagged one on sale during the holidays, and I'm thoroughly impressed by the quality, the finish, and the fitment between the two halves. If the tolerances were any tighter, you'd need a vice to pull them apart. My 18" build is stupid accurate and has never had a single malfunction. Thinking of trying the large frame set next! Keep it up GGP!

Stress test 1500rds later

Written by jareth belanger on Jan 14th 2019

Been using this receiver set for my recce build. Wanted something with an ambi bolt release yet able to accept ambi-controls that keep the rifle as symmetrical as possible during handling. Good: *Tight-near perfect tolerances. After an initial wear in (basically opening and closing the receiver post pin install about a dozen times) receiver fitment is perfect, the rifle is easy to open with no noticeable slop, further more the pins line up perfectly unlike some mass manufactured rifles that require tight clamping down to lock in the rear of the receiver *Traditional Brass Deflector: Many billet receiver sets use a VLTOR-esque brass defelector to look cool. I find the small brass deflector annoying to tune a rifle against as the direction is unpredictable, the traditional style is as simple as any milspec AR15. The coatings: have buds with VLTOR, SIG, PSA, ANDERSOn and other brand AR15's. Not sure how deep this anodization's dye is, but it has stood up to knicks better than everything but the VLTOR, both of which show no external scratches as of yet. Cons: Price, it's a CNC receiver, so that comes at a cost YMMV, things that aren't for everyone: The logo: I am not a big fan of skull motifs on weapons as I find them cliqued and cringy, (especially punisher logos) but then again I am of the mentallity that actions make you look cooler than mimicing a look. That being said everything else about the receiver was enough to get me to overlook this. The markings have a third position burst marking which may not be for everyone, normally I would consider this a negative (faking full auto), but it's actually useful for binary triggers if you don't want that god awful sticker. I have a BFSIII installed with a polish hammer/trigger sear and 3.5lb spring set installed, so it's perfect for my build, as I am used to milspec single stage triggers and honestly miss the burst on my old M4 (Also don't have 15k+ to dump on a M16), so this is as close as I can get to it. Aesthetics: The receiver has modern angled CNC aesthetics, very similar to Giselle and magpul products. However it still retains the classic AR15 silhouette, unlike some (E.G. the juggernaut tactical set) which deviant heavily from it. Bolt release/mag release guards: This receiver does not have the left side guards that protect the mag release from getting jammed or the bolt catch from being hit accidentally. However these guards tend to get in the way of ambi-mag releases, so if you want one directly across from the standard position, this is a good thing. Otherwise it is a negative against the receiver. No built in ambi-mag release: Most billet receivers in this price range have one built in, although typically in the trigger guard. This means that you will have to purchase one yourself if you want this feature. If you don;t care about symmetry, I'd suggest other sets, if you do however, they tend to block symmetrical ambi releases.

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