Team Grey Ghost

Team Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost Precision is proud to have experienced Team Shooters compete with our equipment and score highly in regional and national circles. They embody the values and spirit of Grey Ghost, are dedicating to constantly refining and improving their abilities, and we are looking forward to doing great things with them. 


Matt Kalisch

Matt Kalisch from Killeen, TX has been on Team Grey Ghost for over 2 years now, and he won the Heavy Division of this year's Multi-Gun Challenge using an out of the box GGP MKII Heavy 308 rifle with a Vortex Razor 1-10. It takes an extra level of weapon control to tame a .308 semiauto rifle and run it as fast and smooth as a 5.56 competition rifle, but that's the kind of shooter Matt Kalisch is... he's a whole lot of extra. Kalisch is typically the biggest guy in the room with the biggest smile. Matt started competition shooting in the Spring of 2018, but his firearms training started when he joined the Army in 2011 and has been a member of the United States Special Forces since 2013 with 4 deployments - 2 to Afghanistan and 2 to Africa. Kalisch's MOS is a 18B which is a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, which naturally gives Matt solid fundamentals when competing in 3 Gun, USPSA, and PRS using multiple types of weapon systems.


Bobby Whan

Bobby Whan is a proud Texas native and currently serving as an Active Duty Army Staff Sergeant with 8 years of service and a deployment to Afghanistan.  Bobby started starting shooting at an early age and started shooting competitively in 2017 while stationed in Alaska.  In 2018, he started competing in 2-Gun and quickly improved, earning 2nd place in his first major match at the Alaska State 2-Gun Competition. Bobby continued to hone his skills and won the inaugural JBER 2-Gun match the same year. After moving to Fort Bragg, NC in the Fall of 2018, Bobby experienced 3-Gun for the first time and found his true shooting passion. Bobby joined Team Grey Ghost Precision at the end of 2019. Since joining the team, Bobby has honed his shooting skills earning several podium finishes in 3-Gun’s modified division and tactical style 2-Gun competitions using the MKII Light and GGP Custom P320.


Jason Bennett

Bio coming soon


Joseph Grohs

Joseph Grohs grew up on a small ranch in Southern Oregon. He joined the army in 2009, was selected to join 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, and served in the Regiment for twelve years with a total of eight deployments to Afghanistan. Joseph medically retired in 2022 for wounds sustained from enemy fire.  Joseph joined Team Grey Ghost Precision in 2021. He is now attending Hillsdale College in Michigan, where he is active in the college Veteran Association, a varsity team member of the Action Shooting Team, and is in the Power Lifting Club. Joseph shoots Tactical Optics in 3-gun, limited in USPSA, and steel challenge.  Joe is shooting the MKII Light and a GGP Sig P320 in competition.


Kyle Herron

Kyle was born and raised in the PNW in a small farming community near Salem, OR. He grew up on a farm where he enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping. His love of shooting started with bird hunting and shooting farm pests with his .22 rifle. Every year him and his father would travel to Eastern Oregon to hunt the elusive Chucker and Hungarian partridge in the mountains of Hell’s Canyon. In 2008, Kyle enlisted in the US Army and has been stationed in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington State. Kyle has deployed all over the world to include the Middle East, Central and South America, and Asia. Kyle currently lives in Washington State with his wife and child. He shoots Limited and CO in USPSA, 3-Gun, and has participated in the Tactical Games.