Team Grey Ghost

Team Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost Precision is proud to have experienced Team Shooters compete with our equipment and score highly in regional and national circles. They embody the values and spirit of Grey Ghost, are dedicating to constantly refining and improving their abilities, and we are looking forward to doing great things with them. 


Jeremiah Futch Team Grey Ghost Shooter

Jeremiah Futch

Jeremiah Futch is a 13 year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces with multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and proven track record of leadership in combat. He is currently the Head Combat Marksmanship Instructor for 1st Special Forces Groups (A) Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Committee.

Jeremiah is a professionally sponsored shooter competing in USPSA, Multi-gun, and 3 Gun. He consistently places in the top 50 at multiple National Championships, and is currently the USPSA Washington State Champion in Carry Optics Division. Jeremiah's go-to rifle is the GGP Light 5.56 with several innovations by Grey Ghost Precision to enhance performance on the course of fire.


JP Sullivan Team Grey Ghost Shooter

JP Sullivan

Jon Paul "JP" Sullivan is currently an Army Captain on Active Duty with 3 deployments to Afghanistan and other overseas Assignments. JP started shooting at the age of 4 and competes in multiple shooting disciplines. In high school he was the Captain of the High School Trap Shooting team where he competed at the local and state level in Tennessee. While going to College at the University of Mississippi he enlisted in the National Guard and competed and was selected for a slot on the Mississippi National Guard Marksmanship Team where he competed in Service Rifle and Service Pistol. He won the top rifle shooter 2 years in a row while in school and competed at the State, Regional, and National Level. During his 1st deployment to Afghanistan in 2014 he competed in a 2 gun match held by 3rd Special Forces Group where he was hooked on Action Shooting. After returning home he focused his attention on 3 Gun where he started shooting in Tennessee and competed in his first Major Match in May of 2015. In 2016 he now competes in 3 Gun, USPSA, and Precision Rifle matches for Team Grey Ghost. Since joining with Grey Ghost Precision he has won numerous local matches and placed in the Top 10 at multiple major matches across the country using modified GGP Light 5.56 rifles. JP is a dominator on the 3 Gun course, as plates fall out of fear induced by the "Sullivan Stare."


Tyler Virgin Team Grey Ghost Shooter

Tyler Virgin

Tyler Virgin first cut his teeth into shooting sports in 2011 while competing in local USPSA and state matches. Recently in 2016 he took the next step into the multi-gun community competing in 3 Gun Nation Midwest Regionals, GA State Championship and local Multi-gun as well as USPSA series throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. 

Tyler is originally from a small town in Glennallen, AK. Learning to shoot from his father while hunting the local game. He currently resides in Alaska with his wife Ashley, his son Mason, and their two dogs. He is a full time marksmanship instructor at his current duty station and previously served for 10 years with the 75th Ranger regiment where he honed his marksmanship skills and teaching abilities. He has deployed 9 times in effort of the United States interests. In his off time he is an avid hunter and fisherman. Pursuing his private pilot’s license is the next item on his agenda. Tyler enjoys skiing the mountains, riding snowmobiles, four-wheelers and everything else in between.

Tyler's Multi-gun Goals are to win his division in Multi-gun Nationals and 3 Gun Nation Nationals, as well pursue PRS series and Long Range Matches.