Posted by Ammoland on Sep 11th 2017

| AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Reviewed by Tyler Hutch

Alright ladies and gents, take a knee, face outboard and grab some water – it's time to talk GLOCK slides. Let's get down to business. Recently I was invited to do some work for the legendary, Grey Ghost Precision. I've known for some time that GGP is exceptionally end-user centric and like any gear guy, I was excited to be part of the team.

One blistering afternoon, I rolled up to “The Farm” and spotted a visual on a dust plume from a black SUV advancing on my location. Upon its arrival to my location, I connected with GGP CEO, Casey Ingels, and Vice President, GW Ayers who, like Santa Clause, arrived with a truck full of brand new, precision GLOCK slides. Almost instantly, I was handed a Grey Ghost Precision Geoscale GLOCK17 Slide and instructed to run the gun as hard as I possibly could, like I “normally would.”

The first inspection of the pistol revealed a precision milled slide, cut to within only a few ten – thousandths of an inch, the ever-coveted front and top cocking serrations, and a G10 GGP cover for the RMR cut. Sure, it's the hotness, but I've got Marine in my blood and I could probably break a bowling ball in a padded room.