556 Cal Muzzle Brake

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The Grey Ghost Precision compensator was designed to minimize recoil and muzzle rise. Features a unique porting system to redirect the forward moving gasses rearward to greatly reduce recoil. Black nitride coating for durability and ease of cleaning. Easy installation with supplied crush washer. 

Caliber: .224 Caliber 
Finish: Black Nitride
Threads: 1/2-28
Crush Washer Included

Team Grey Ghost shooters use the same brake on their match rifles to keep their competitive edge!

2 Reviews

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    Muzzle Brake

    Posted by DAVID MCGUIRT on Jun 18th 2019

    Makes the rifle shoot flat with little felt recoil. A must for your personal GGP build.

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    muzzling the sbr

    Posted by Ray o. on Oct 5th 2018

    I love the look of the brake. It’s a 4 channel per side brake with top porting. The front of the brake is reminiscent of the old rebar cutter muzzle device. The front's design directs the gasses leaving the muzzle, and it looks cool. To top it off, the brake has 4 top ports for gasses to vacate the area, killing muzzle climb. I run a 10.5 inch full auto suppressed SBR as my entry rifle on a tactical team. The GGP Muzzle device basically eliminates muzzle climb and most of the recoil. But Ray, there’s not much recoil with an AR anyways. While true, it’s real and needs to be dealt with. Okay this is my humble opinion- no matter the game, whether it be a competition at a range or on a battlefield, if you’re playing fair, you have already lost. If adding an awesome Muzzle device to your rifle or AR pistol could save you a tenth of a second in a fight, that might just be the time needed to save your life or the life of a family member, teammate, or hostage. I firmly believe that the GGP 556 Muzzle device would be a great addition to any competition, defensive, hunting or duty rifle.