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I had the pleasure of spending last week with several brands at the High Bar Homestead near Gillette, Wyoming along with several other writers. This facility is amazing, with a variety of range, from 25 out to 2000 yds.

The rifles were all from Grey Ghost Precision. I’ve owned a GGP S-series Heavy rifle in .308 since they first came out and it’s been a reliable companion on several hog hunts as well as for range trips, so you can say I’m a fan of the brand. Their receiver sets are manufactured from 7075-T651 aluminum billets to their specs by Mega Arms and True Black Type III Mil Spec Hard Coat Anodized. The builds are excellent.

GGP brought rifles in .223, .300 and .308 but what caught my eye was the new Grim in 6.5 Creedmoor.

While I checked them all out in turn, I found myself going back to the 6.5, regardless of the range we were on at the time. It was a dream to shoot. The recoil was a push, while I felt that the .308 S-series Heavy had a stronger recoil. The accuracy was amazing, making it a snap to score hits out to 1000 yds, even in winds. I could easily shoot a full 20 round magazine on steel at 800 yds and hear that comforting ping after each shot. After one of these events, a friend said, “Good shooting, Eric” but I had to admit to him that it was the rifle and not me. It shot so well that any misses were definitely on me and while I did indeed miss a few, that gun was a laser out to 800 yds. It almost took the fun out of it…almost.