Veterans Giveaway



For Veteran Bonus Entry, email with your order number and proof of Veteran status to receive a bonus entry in the giveaway!

Terms and Conditions:

The winners of the Veteran's Day Giveaway must be 21 years of age or older and be eligible to pass background checks and required Federal, State and Local laws in order to take possession of the prize(s). There is no cash equivalent and no person other than the winning person may take possession of the prize(s). Failure to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws including but not limited to background checks for possession will result in the forfeiture of the prize(s) and another winner will be selected. Participants in the giveaway must be residents of the USA. Contest runs from 11/9/2022 until 11/13/2021. Entries will be pooled together and the winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be notified via e-mail and phone number. The winner’s name, city, and state of residence may be posted on our respective Facebook pages, Instagram account, and other social media/marketing outlets. Winners have 3 days to respond to our contact or a new draw for the prize will be made. Many will enter, few will win.


  • GGP MKII Grim 6.5 CM rifle
  • GGP MKII Heavy .308win rifle
  • GGP MKII Light 5.56 rifle
  • GGP Cornerstone Forged Rifle
  • GGP MKII AR-10 Billet Builders Set
  • GGP MKII AR-15 Billet Builders Set
  • GGP Compact Combat Pistol 9mm
  • GGP Full Size Combat Pistol 9mm
  • GGP Compact CP Frame, slide, barrel Combo GGP19 Gen 3 Version 5
  • GGP Full Size CP Frame, slide, barrel Combo GGP17 Gen 3 Version 5
  • GGP Full Size CP Frame, slide, barrel Combo GGP17 Gen 3 Version 6

Terms and Conditions:
Participants must provide Grey Ghost Precision with accurate information. Grey Ghost Precision reserves the right to disqualify any participants if for any reason inaccurate or incomplete information is suspected. Participants are allowed one (1) initial entry per order. Grey Ghost Precision reserves the right to disqualify any participants for making additional entries into the draw not in accordance with the Rule as outlined herein. By participating in the giveaway, permission is thereby granted to Grey Ghost Precision to include such information in their databases and to receive promotional e-mails. Participants may from time to time receive information directly from Grey Ghost Precision, Grey Ghost Gear LLC or any of the participating manufacturers. At anytime, the participants can unsubscribe from this information and Grey Ghost Precision / Grey Ghost Gear LLC will maintain such a mechanism to allow the participant to unsubscribe to their email subscription database. The prize(s) may not be exchanged for cash, returned or exchanged. In accordance with federal regulations, winners will receive an IRS 1099 form for all prize(s)s valued $600 and over.

Grey Ghost Precision will assume no responsibility for the use of the prize(s) and the winner will be responsible for the proper safe handling and storage of any prize(s )as well as obtaining proper instruction for the safe use and handling of the prize(s).