Grey Ghost Precision Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

June 07, 2018

Grey Ghost Precision Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

Lakewood, WA – Grey Ghost Precision, leading manufacturers of accurate, reliable, and attainable weapon systems, is excited to announce the their awarding of its ISO 9001 Certification; a global recognition of consistent excellence measured to international standards of quality.

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO), who owns the certification process, awarded GGP the certification for upholding the standards, which specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard set forth by the ISO to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirement.

“Our quality control process has always been a thorough one,” stated GGP CEO, Casey Ingels. “From initial concepts and drawings, through to final machining, there is no doubt about the final product that goes out the door. We partner with only the best in the industry, to ensure that every product that goes out the door is worthy of the GGP name.”

The awarding of the ISO 9001 certificate will also allow for GGP to more seamlessly work within the military communities, putting the right product in the hands of the warfighter. In many cases, the ISO Certification is required with government contracts, as it is a guarantee of certain criteria, qualifications, QAQC measures and procedural consistency established ahead of time.

This Certification comes after an arduous multi-stage audit and inspection process by an independent certifying authority (who independently must have been vetted by State and Federal levels from the International Accreditation Forum). 

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December 23, 2017

RECOIL: Little Ghoulish Glock - Glock 43 Slides

23, 2017

Last year, Grey Ghost Precison launched a line of custom Glock 17 and 19 slides and barrels; rather than using original factory slides or bulk blanks produced by a third-party manufacturer, they built them from scratch. The team at Grey Ghost did all the measuring, testing, and fitting for themselves — their new SPG43 Glock 43 slide is no different.

Because we have a preproduction slide, there’ll undoubtedly be some differences between what you see here and what you see in stores. We’ll note these anticipated changes as we go along.

Research, development, testing, evaluation, and production are all done in-house at Grey Ghost’s Tacoma, Washington, facility.

When the Glock 43 and later Gen5 Glocks were released, many decried the lack of forward serrations. That complaint is addressed with these slides. The Grey Ghost Precision SPG43 slides will first be offered in two distinct patterns, one with sloped cutouts, and the other with a diamond checkered pattern.

At least at the time of this writing, Grey Ghost Precision is the only large manufacturer, aside from Glock, producing Glock 43 slides. Each slide starts out as a block of American-made billet 17-4PH stainless steel. All critical dimensions of the SPG43 slides are machined to tolerances as tight as 0.003 inch.

Our example features a Grey Ghost Precision barrel; some aesthetics may differ from our preproduction sample by the time it hits the shelf. Like many aftermarket barrels, it’s constructed from 416R stainless steel. Instead of polygonal rifling, the Grey Ghost Precision barrel utilizes 1/16 twist button-type rifling, rocking a chamfered match crown.

Though any but the smallest of specialized silencers looks quite ridiculous on the diminutive Glock 43, we’re still holding out hope that Grey Ghost offer a threaded version in the future … because, reasons.

Though the slides are tailor-made to nest perfectly with the corresponding Grey Ghost Precision G43 barrel, an OEM barrel will drop in, as well. The same goes for other factory parts. The initial SPG43 upper offerings from Grey Ghost Precision will only include stripped slides, but barrels and complete slides will be available in the future.

Precision fit, with OEM parts? We’ll give that a go. As promised, OEM parts dropped into the SPG43 slide with no need for filing or other fitting. We remind you that this won’t necessarily be the case when paired with other aftermarket parts, tolerance stacking being a potential issue.

“With the need now more than ever to rely on your carry pistol, the decision was obvious for us to develop an option for the G43,” said Grey Ghost Precision Vice President of Firearms, Jason Curns. “We take great pride in providing products that meet the demands of our customers, and are confident that the new SPG43’s look and functionality will more than exceed expectations.”

Our example is Cerakoted in, of course, gray. Production models will be available in Black Nitride or Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) in various colors.

As we see more third-party options for the single-stack baby Glock, perhaps we’ll hit a point where an entire pistol can be assembled without the aid of any OEM pieces. We’re already there with the 9mm Gen3 guns, and the popular G43 would make sense to be next in the line.

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Jason Curns Joins Grey Ghost Precision as Vice President of Firearms

October 02, 2017

Jason Curns Joins Grey Ghost Precision as Vice President of Firearms

Lakewood, WA – Grey Ghost Precision, leading manufacturers of accurate, reliable, and attainable weapon systems, is excited to announce the hiring of Jason Curns as the company’s Vice President of Firearms, effective September 25th. In his new position, Curns will be responsible for setting the strategic direction for all sales, customer service and marketing initiatives for the Grey Ghost Precision brand.
“Through his combined passion for the firearms industry and undeniable track record in personal customer service and care, adding Jason to the Grey Ghost Precision team was one of the most common sense decisions we’ve ever made,” said Grey Ghost Precision, CEO Casey Ingels. “His extensive experience in the commercial sales and firearms industry as a whole positions him to help lead our team and take our products to the next level.”
Curns joins GGP with more than 22 years of combined experience in sales, customer service, customer logistics, manufacturing and supply chain. His previous experiences include the development and execution of Grey Ghost Precisions’ premier rifles, the S-Series Heavy and Light, under the partnership of then-Mega Arms (now ZEV Technologies). 
“It’s an honor to be aligned with such strong, brand with Grey Ghost Precision,” Curns said. “Within the team at GGP, there is such a strong, collective passion that mirrored my own personal ethos. One that was not just for the products, but for the end-users. The primary focus is to connect with the consumers on a level that most manufacturers cannot, because they don’t try to establish that relationship of trust and reliability. Through this passion and strategy we can continue to grow the GGP brand and set ourselves further apart from the field.”

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RECOIL: Behind the [MultiCam] Curtain at Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost

August 04, 2017

RECOIL: Behind the [MultiCam] Curtain at Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost

We've known the people behind Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear for a long time–and the gear, especially Tactical Tailor, for much longer. More than one RECOIL employee has had Tactical Tailor gear among their kit when rolling around overseas, myself included. What we hadn't done, however, was actually see behind the veil at the production facility itself.

Tactical Tailor, Grey Ghost Gear, and Grey Ghost Precision can safely be viewed as a three sided coin. The Grey Ghost divisions are nimble and suitable for more custom work–but if you need to outfit an entire army, Tactical Tailor is your answer.

Located literally just off the runway of Fort McChord sits Tactical Tailor. It's housed in a rather nondescript warehouse, with a tank outside.

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April 11, 2017


SOLDIER SYSTEMS DAILY  |  April 11, 2017

I had the pleasure of spending last week with several brands at the High Bar Homestead near Gillette, Wyoming along with several other writers. This facility is amazing, with a variety of range, from 25 out to 2000 yds.

The rifles were all from Grey Ghost Precision. I’ve owned a GGP S-series Heavy rifle in .308 since they first came out and it’s been a reliable companion on several hog hunts as well as for range trips, so you can say I’m a fan of the brand. Their receiver sets are manufactured from 7075-T651 aluminum billets to their specs by Mega Arms and True Black Type III Mil Spec Hard Coat Anodized. The builds are excellent.

GGP brought rifles in .223, .300 and .308 but what caught my eye was the new Grim in 6.5 Creedmoor.

While I checked them all out in turn, I found myself going back to the 6.5, regardless of the range we were on at the time. It was a dream to shoot. The recoil was a push, while I felt that the .308 S-series Heavy had a stronger recoil. The accuracy was amazing, making it a snap to score hits out to 1000 yds, even in winds. I could easily shoot a full 20 round magazine on steel at 800 yds and hear that comforting ping after each shot. After one of these events, a friend said, “Good shooting, Eric” but I had to admit to him that it was the rifle and not me. It shot so well that any misses were definitely on me and while I did indeed miss a few, that gun was a laser out to 800 yds. It almost took the fun out of it…almost.

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April 05, 2017



I’m out in Wyoming at the High Bar Homestead with several other writers checking out new products from a couple of brands in anticipation of the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting. One of the items we’ve had the opportunity, to check out is this new GLOCK slide from GGP.
Designed as an affordable, Commercial Off The Shelf slide for GLOCK pistols, they are available in two cuts, for G17 or G19 and manufactured from 4140 steel.

This version features lightening cuts and features a rear sight dovetail mounted Delta Point Pro MRDS by Leupold Optics. The suppressor is a Silencerco Osprey.

The second variant features geoscales, milled to enhance handling.
The barrels are aftermarket and incorporate threads for suppressors and a SAAMI spec chamber with 1/10 twist rifling. The initial run of G19 slides is currently in finish and will be available just before NRAAM from Grey Ghost Precision.

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